Post Graduate Diploma in Management at SIMER


About PGDM

The Post Graduate Diploma in Management at SIMER attempts to prepare global leaders who create, manage and lead effective change across diverse organizations. The objectives of the course are:

  • To understand the social, economic, political, technological and ecological environment of modern society and their characteristic values.
  • To help students become effective leaders, who can achieve results which have the potential to transform organizations.
  • To facilitate lateral thinking, so that a student comes out with innovative answers, creates alternative solutions and develops entrepreneurial skills.
  • To inculcate values of integrity, justice and fairness so that students promote and maintain high ethical standards in management.
  • To develop a global mindset so that the future managers can address the challenges of global competition.
  • To develop an all round personality with integration of Indian values.

Programme Structure

The curriculum is spread over four terms about five months each. The core curriculum is spread over the entire duration of the course, the bulk of which is covered in the first three terms. The core enhances the ability to communicate, analyze situation and take decisions using quantitative and qualitative factors, develop the holistic views of the different functional areas and the business environment. During this period students take courses in general management and major functional areas such as Finance and Accounting, Marketing, Operations management, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource and Strategic Management. They are also exposed to the basic disciplines of Economics, Behavioral Sciences, Information Technology, Quantitative Methods and Decision Sciences.

Summer Internship

Apart from the inputs provided in campus the students will also undergo a rigorous three month summer internship in the industry. This is a compulsory component of the curriculum for the completion of the program and is designed to provide exposures to organizations working, develop an understanding of business realities and an opportunity to apply tools and techniques to real life business situations. On completion of the project meaningful and evocative reports will have to submitted and presentation will have to be made to the batch. The reports will be critically evaluated against a host of parameters by a battery of eminent professionals and academia.

Dual Specialization

Every student get an option to choose two streams from the four cited below
1. Finance   2. Marketing   3. HRM   4. Systems

This is to enable the future business leaders with the ammunition to face the dynamic business/corporate scenario. The chosen two streams will encompass the subjects required to constitute the dual specialization.

Super Specialization

The industry & business of today are operating in a very large area of products and services but at the same time they are also focusing into niches for becoming the partner/client/service provider of choice to maximize the revenues and leverage the profits with the help of specialty services/products. Not to leave this stone unturned, SIMERites are provided with a specialization tool known as Super Specialization. This is the cutting edge in the SIMER curriculum as it would be constituting of industry focused courses in

  • Retail Management
  • Rural Management
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management

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