Program Structure

The curriculum is spread over six trimesters of about three months each. The core curriculum is spread over the entire duration of the course, the bulk of which is covered in the first three terms. The core enhances the ability to communicate, analyze situation and take decisions using quantitative and qualitative factors, develop the holistic views of the different functional areas and the business environment.

The first three terms constitutes over 650 classroom sessions (of 90 minutes each). During this period students take courses in general management and major functional areas such as finance and accounting, Marketing, Operations management, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource and Strategic Management. They are also exposed to the basic disciplines of Economics, Behavioral Sciences, Information Technology, Quantitative Methods and Decision Sciences.

A compulsory out-bound programme helps develop group dynamics and inter personal skills providing an opportunity for introspection in an environment away from the campus.

The second year specialization provides inputs in the chosen area of specialization and is customized to the student's career focus and industry requirements.

The three trimesters in the second year consist of over 500 classroom sessions geared towards an in-depth understanding of the respective fields of specialization.

Course Structure

1st Year Structure (Core Courses)

2nd Year Structure (Core Courses)

Specialization / Elective Courses

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