Social and Community Work

We live in an age of unprecedented opulence. At the same time we live in an age of oppression and deprivation. At SIMER we are passionate about bridging this gap. Every student is expected to clock a minimum of 30 hours of community work approved and monitored by the institute, per semester. This is to develop responsible and responsive leadership, social sensitivity, awareness, humanness and respect for life and life sustaining environment.

The initiatives which we currently undertake



Senior citizen homes, orphanages and all such special places created for helping out the helpless and providing for the special needs. But, in the process of solving the problems and fulfilling their needs we at times overlook the concern of the inmates being cut off from the main stream society. The Integration initiative takes up this problem and tries to find a solution by interacting with the inmates from time to time.

The SiMERites make it a point to spend time with the senior citizens by sharing thoughts/discussing social or political issues/have singing and dancing sessions/watching movies so that the seniors do not lose touch with the main stream society.


ENVIRONMENT INITIATIVE - Promoting a Green environment

SiMERites believe in growth and development but not at the stake of sabotaging the natural balance. Putting this thought to practice every SiMERite needs to plant one tree and take care of it for entire two years ;till the time the tree is independent enough to withstand the forces of nature.This way SiMER is trying to not only give a good number of environment conscious citizens to this country but also a same number of new trees every year.

SAFE ROADS INITIATIVE-Promoting the following of traffic rules amongst teenagers

SiMER family is concerned about the more that 2000 deaths which occur due to road accidents in India every year.Trying to make a small change at the grass root level SiMERites go to schools in and around Bhilai/ Durg and conduct seminars on Road Safety/Traffic rules and the benefits of having safe roads.

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