SIMER believes in developing students through work. We also believe that knowledge and wisdom are critical components for success in life and so is creativity - to be truly proactive and innovative. Emphasis is laid on the student's involvement in the functioning of the Institute. To provide the students with a platform to showcase their talent, judgement & decision making abilities, committees are elected. These committees, led by a student coordinator is an equitable mix of students from various specializations and backgrounds who manage various portfolio positions in the committees.


The Acads Committee

To provide the students with a comprehensive and contemporary syllabus, this committee undertakes extensive research to ascertain the latest trends, needs and also future requirements of the business world and ensures that the curriculum is designed and re - engineered accordingly. This committee also acts as an interface between faculties and students.


Events Committee

Responsible for organizing, arranging and managing all the seminars, sports, cultural and outbound events. This committee ensures abundant participation of the students in all extracurricular activities and social initiatives, thereby facilitating holistic development of the students. This committee is also responsible for maintaining cleanliness and discipline in the campus.


Placement Committee

Working in tandem with the management, this committee is entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining year round interface with the corporate world to ensure that a mutually beneficial association can be encouraged and established. This committee also prepares the students for placement.


PR & Media Committee

By conceptualizing, creating and maintaining the in house publications, brochures and corporate literatures, this committee provides the institute with invaluable corporate and media relations, which acts as a catalyst in establishing and further enhancing the image of the institute. This committee also takes care of the library and internet lab of the institute.


Social Initiatives Committee

We live in an age of unprecedented opulence. At the same time we live in an age of oppression and deprivation. This committee is passionate about bridging this gap. Every student is expected to clock a minimum of 15 hours of community work approved and monitored by the institute, per trimester. This is to develop responsible and responsive leadership, social sensitivity, awareness, humanness and respect for life and life sustaining environment.


Research & Publication Committee

By conceptualizing, creating and maintaining the in house publications like "PRAGATI", the in-house journal and "SIMER PULSE", the in-house newsletter; it evokes zeal to bring out new information and knowledge. Students get exposure to being a responsible media and how to separate fact from fiction.


Sports Committee

Filled with energy and enthusiasm, this committee organizes sports of different hues to ensure the physical development of our budding managers. This inculcates the spirit of fair sportsman and desire to win in fields, in life or at work.


Alumni Committee

SIMER draws upon the rich experience of its alumni who have carved a place for themselves in the industry. The Alumni Committee serves as an interface between the institute and its alumni and organizes regular alumni meets, where all alumni gather and share their experience with one another amidst the company of friends and colleagues. Alumni are actively involved in the entire student life cycle.

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